Pharmaceutical Production Certification Course for D/B/M Pharmacy & BSc Chemistry Students

Creating a career-oriented syllabus that emphasizes practical skills for students interested in pharmaceutical production is essential for preparing them for roles in the industry. Here’s a suggested syllabus breakdown with a 70% practical and 30% theory balance for students pursuing Diploma, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degrees in Pharmacy:

By providing a well-rounded education that emphasizes hands-on experience, students will be better prepared for careers in pharmaceutical (Production, QA, QC, R&D), where practical skills are highly valued. Keep in mind that the specific syllabus details may vary based on the institution and the current trends in the industry.

For Production, QA, QC, R&D Departments:

Working process of ‘Production, Quality Control & Quality Assurance department, Validations, Process Validation, IQ, OQ, PQ of various equipment, Inprocess Sampling, BMR, BPR, ICH guidelines, Audits, ALCOA, ALCOA +, Data integrity issues, Handling of incidences like OOS, OOT, Deviation & Change Control. Total Quality Management, Quality Risk Management, Various instruments calibration, Practical hands-on various instruments such as pH meter, Analytical Balance, Dissolution Tester Apparatus, Karl Fischer, HPLC, UV, IR spectrometer, Gas Chromatography, etc. with Pharma product analysis. Knowledge of all HPLC software, Preparation of interviews, Guest lectures of field experts, Alumni benefits for a lifetime.

Practical Component:

  • Laboratory sessions in formulation development, manufacturing techniques, and quality control procedures
  • Hands-on training in operating pharmaceutical machinery and equipment
  • Simulation of production processes and troubleshooting exercises
  • Internships in pharmaceutical manufacturing companies

Theory Component:

  • Pharmaceutical production principles and technologies
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and regulatory guidelines
  • Quality control and assurance methodologies
  • Process validation and optimization strategies
  • Supply chain management in pharmaceutical production

Industry Collaboration:

  • Industry workshops, seminars, and guest lectures from pharmaceutical production experts
  • Collaboration with pharmaceutical companies for real-world exposure and internships
  • Site visits to manufacturing facilities to observe production processes firsthand

The specifics of the syllabus may vary based on the institution, prevailing industry trends, and regulatory requirements. Collaboration with pharmaceutical companies and active engagement in real-world scenarios are crucial components for preparing students for successful careers in pharmaceutical production.

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