Online Pharmaceutical (QC & R&D) Certification Course for BSc & MSc (Chemistry/Microbiology/Bio-Chemistry) Students

ONLINE course is same course like Offline Course; each chapter is discussed thoroughly along with interview questions on that chapter. This Online course provides all practical video of instruments used. Operation & Calibration of Instrument with attached software’s for analysis.

We are also providing detailed notes of each chapter so you can study well at the time of interview. Also we are going to make a “Whatsapp group” for Online Course enrolled candidates so they can ask any query about syllabus. Also we are going take online video discussion with the candidate at every Sunday. Final interview questions paper will be provided to each candidate because after preparation of this test he can easily crack the interview.  Final interview will be conducted of each candidate by video conferencing. ‘ASSURA CERTIFICATION’ should be done after completion of successful course. After certification, interview calls will be provided to each candidate. As compare to Offline course fees structure of Online course is low. 

If you enrolled this course, you will save your hostel & meal money. Also you can save yourself from infection of ‘CORONA’ virus & utilize your time for getting job.

Designing a career-oriented online syllabus with a focus on practical skills for Pharmaceutical Quality Control (QC) and Research & Development (R&D) can provide students with valuable industry-relevant knowledge. Here’s a suggested breakdown of a syllabus that maintains a 70% practical and 30% theory balance for online BSc and MSc Chemistry students:

For Quality Control & R&D Department:

Industrial working process, ICH guidelines, Audits, Data Integrity Issues, Handling of Incidences like OOS & OOT, Deviation & Change Control, Various Instrument Calibrations, Practical hands-on various instruments such as pH Meter, Analytical Balance, Dissolution Tester Apparatus, Karl Fischer, HPLC, UV, IR Spectrometer & GC with product analysis. Knowledge of all HPLC Software, Preparation of interviews, Guest lectures of field experts, Alumni benefits for a lifetime.

Practical Component:

  • Virtual lab simulations for various analytical techniques
  • Virtual formulation development exercises
  • Interactive virtual experiments with real instrument simulations
  • Virtual internships with pharmaceutical companies

Theory Component:

  • Online lectures and video content for theoretical concepts
  • Case studies, industry-related scenarios, and problem-solving exercises
  • Virtual discussions and forums for theoretical topics
  • Webinars and virtual guest lectures from industry experts

Industry Collaboration:

  • Collaborations with pharmaceutical companies for virtual internships and projects
  • Online workshops and seminars with industry professionals
  • Virtual tours of pharmaceutical facilities and production units
  • Industry-specific assignments and assessments based on real-world scenarios

Keep in mind that technology plays a vital role in delivering practical experiences online. Utilizing virtual labs, simulations, and collaboration tools can enhance the practical learning component even in an online setting. The specifics of the syllabus can be adapted based on the available resources, software platforms, and the latest industry trends.

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