Campus Interviews of USV Ltd


Assura Training Institute in Sangli has successfully placed over 750 candidates in various pharmaceutical companies. Placing such a significant number of candidates in the pharmaceutical industry is a testament to the quality of training and the institute’s commitment to preparing students for rewarding careers in the field.

For individuals considering training programs at Assura Training Institute, this track record of successful placements can be a strong indicator of the institute’s effectiveness in providing relevant education and industry connections. It’s a significant achievement that reflects positively on the institute’s reputation and the quality of its training programs.

If you are interested in pursuing training or courses at Assura Training Institute, I would recommend reaching out to them directly to learn more about their specific programs, curriculum, admission requirements, and the support they offer in terms of job placement and career development. Additionally, you may want to inquire about the types of pharmaceutical companies where their graduates have been placed to gain a better understanding of the potential career opportunities available upon completion of their programs.

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