Campus interviews of BEC Chemicals


Arranging campus interviews with pharmaceutical multinational companies (MNCs) for candidates is a valuable service provided by Assura Pharma Training Institute in Sangli. This initiative offers several benefits for both the institute and its candidates:

  1. Employability: Campus interviews connect candidates directly with potential employers, enhancing their job opportunities and employability.

  2. Industry Connection: It strengthens the institute’s relationship with pharmaceutical companies, fostering future collaborations, internships, and industry partnerships.

  3. Industry-Relevant Training: The presence of MNCs at campus interviews reinforces the relevance and effectiveness of the institute’s training programs in preparing candidates for the pharmaceutical industry.

  4. Career Opportunities: Candidates get exposure to a range of career opportunities in various departments, such as research and development, quality control, regulatory affairs, manufacturing, and sales and marketing.

  5. Networking: It provides candidates with valuable networking opportunities with industry professionals and potential mentors.

  6. Real-World Experience: Candidates can gain insights into the expectations and recruitment processes of pharmaceutical companies, preparing them for future interviews.

To maximize the success of campus interviews, Assura Pharma Training Institute should consider the following:

  • Preparation: Help candidates prepare for interviews by offering interview coaching, resume-building workshops, and mock interviews.

  • Industry Partnerships: Continue to build and maintain strong relationships with pharmaceutical MNCs to attract a diverse range of companies for campus interviews.

  • Feedback Loop: Gather feedback from both candidates and companies to assess the effectiveness of the campus interview process and make improvements.

  • Career Services: Provide ongoing career support, including job placement assistance, to help candidates secure positions within the pharmaceutical industry.

Overall, arranging campus interviews with pharmaceutical MNCs is a proactive step by Assura Pharma Training Institute to bridge the gap between education and industry employment, benefiting both candidates and the pharmaceutical sector as a whole.


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