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Our certified candidate becomes alumni of Assura. A blog full of inspiration, ideas, and helpful tips contributed by a diverse array of alumni to move you onward to your next step. Workshops and seminars (in person /online) related to professional and personal enrichment topics. Additionally, we collaborate with the outside business partners to create access to networking and professional development events for Assura alumni.

Following are functionality and features of our Alumni

  • Alumni Interactive Events
  • Alumni Newsletter on current issues, subscription request for Alumni Magazine, newsletter edition, etc.
  • Search more opportunities with Alumni network
  • Synchronized regular Alumni Meetings
  • Regional Alumni Group to promote freshers
  • Profile of Alumni, online Resume

Alumni services are run freely by Assura. If anybody want to be a part of our Alumni then feel free to join us,

If you like what we do, then please consider helping us keep our services free by joining the ASSURA (Donations are also accepted, Thanks!)

For any queries about how ASSURA Alumni can assist you, we are happy to help. (Please note that due to the volume of requests, it may take several days to respond to you.


Just send an email to subjecting under alumni and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


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